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Hidden Gems: Local Businesses & Creatives You Should Know

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of our latest local gem features below.

Kevin OQuinn

My name is Kevin O’Quinn — “Kevo” — and I am the co-founder of the smoothest rock band in South Carolina, The Yacht Club. Our story has a lot of moving parts. I will narrate and start this journey off with myself. I am a long-time musician in Charleston South Carolina. I had minor fame in the 90s very close to being signed to Virgin Records, in a very popular local/regional band called “Wretched Excess.” I’ve been playing in the Charleston area since. I currently play guitar and serve at Northwood Church. In 2002, my wife Holly and I started a legal videography/court reporting company that we still own today. Early on, I became the band director at a church in the Charleston area, playing and serving for many years. In 2016/2017 we were needing musicians at the church, and I wanted to go in a direction to search for professional musicians to join. Read more>>

Kenny McWilliams

I’m from a musical family and I’ve played music in one form or another since I was in middle school. I guess my first instrument was the saxophone, but around the eighth grade I started playing bass guitar, and from there added acoustic and electric guitar. I couldn’t get enough of playing music and worked hard to grow in proficiency at my instruments. While I was in high school my dad made a record and I got to spend a good bit of time in the studio with him. To say I was enamored is probably an understatement. Everything about the studio environment appealed to me and I knew I was hooked. Around that time my parents helped me buy a little 4-track tape recorder. This gave me the ability to begin recording myself and my friends’ bands. Of course, it didn’t sound all that good, but I had a blast learning the very basics of recording. Read more>>

Jasmine Campbell

Let me just start by saying I never saw myself being where I am now. Being in this field was completely unexpected, but God definitely has an interesting way of making you do his work. I was introduced to becoming a notary public back in 2017. I started working as a paralegal at Steve Davis Law Firm and one of the requirements was to become a notary. I didn’t even know what a notary was at the time; I just got my commission and started signing documents that I was required to sign in my field. Then Covid happened, and everyone on TikTok became obsessed with notaries, and I was in awe! I never knew how lucrative becoming a loan signing agent could be. So, I talked to my attorney about it, decided to take a leap of faith & use my already active Notary Commission, take the exam, and launched Notable LLC, a mobile notary/loan signing agent servicing the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Read more>>

Victoria Raby

My passion for event design actually started in High School. I worked for a lady by the name of Paul-Ann Gray who owned a company by the name of The Pampered Princess and Once in a Lifetime Events (now named Party Divas). She is now one of the top premier event designers in Atlanta and a fantastic mentor. So, throughout high school, I learned different tricks of the trade and fell in love with parties. The first event I ever planned and designed on my own was my High School Graduation party, actually! So, fast forward through college I sought out other dreams, was extremely social (where I got my business name), and got my degree in Human Learning Development. I worked in a nonprofit and would always find a way to host an event at my house. My dad would always say, “Are you going to school to get a degree in being a Social Butterfly!?” Little did he know… Read more>>

Anna Leckie

Ever since I can remember I have been a creative person. I naturally gravitated toward expressing myself creatively. I was raised by my mother who nurtured this creative spark and my father who was a successful businessman who seemed to have such a talent for exceeding sales goals and climbing to the top of his company. Inherently, growing up in this world allowed me to absorb inspiration from the two of them. Academically, I pursued my undergraduate degree in Theater from The University of Georgia with the intent of working in the entertainment industry. I have always enjoyed acting, writing, creating visual art, and eventually performing musically. I was in a band for three years writing and performing my own music in the Southeastern United States. Truly, creativity runs through every thread of my life. Read more>>

Brittney Small

I started as a little girl who felt a lot of things that made processing life difficult at times. Growing up, everyone had an opinion of me or unreal expectations of me. I found myself angry a lot. My behavior was a direct reflection of the rejection, abandonment, rage, and anger I felt all the time. As a kid, I would sit in the back of my closet to cry because I felt misunderstood. I needed one person to as me, “what’s wrong” and then actually listen. I knew back then, that I wanted to be the person who would dig deeper, ask the right questions, show compassion and be the voice when others felt bullied into silence. When I became a mom, I was terrified. I wasn’t emotionally, mentally, or financially ready. Everything I bottled up until the transition into motherhood was intensified and spilled over as bitterness, anger, hurt, suicidal attempts/thoughts, and depression. Read more>>

Logan Williams

I began detailing as a summer job in order to make some extra money on the weekends, after a couple of months I started to gain some traction using social media. I began investing in some better equipment and doing some more research and taking it seriously. About a year later I put my two weeks in at my job and decided to take this full time and have felt in love with connecting and establishing relationships with my clients! Read more>>

Makayla Derrick

After years of loving my own pets and watching over my neighbor’s and friends’ furry pals, I decided to start my own pet care business. I spent some time learning the business using 3rd party pet-sitting apps, I was able to find what practices worked best for me and my clients. Read more>>

Kerri Danner

We don’t know about you, but we sure get a surge of pleasure from giving the perfect gift. There’s nothing like seeing the joy in a friend’s eyes or hearing a little squeal of delight to make our day. We wanted to harness that happy feeling, and this is what inspired us to found Crowned by Favor Custom Designs in 2021. Read more>>

Nichole Howard

Because I grew up in a single-family home, I was taught the value of hard work at an early age. I’ve been working since I was 14, when others had hobbies/sports or activities I worked (babysitting, waitressing, bartending, etc.). * Early on I set my sites had the traditional 9-5 and went to school for psychology because I was always fascinated by the mind. Right after I graduated, I landed a job I liked in the non-profit world, the only caveat was it paid less than the current minimum wage; but I was so excited to be a “professional,” in a job that was helping others – I found myself working 2-3 jobs at a time; essentially leaning back on the service jobs I was so eager to leave (waitressing/bartending) to make ends meet; at one point I remember thinking, this isn’t what I want from life; to be scraping by! I knew how to hustle, but I felt like all the hustle wasn’t amounting to much. – I loved that I could help people but I thought I was never going to be out of debt…. Read more>>

Abbi Rew

I have occupied a lot of corners in the entrepreneurial space. My first taste of entrepreneurship was while still working a traditional 9-5 job, I decided, I would open an Etsy shop to sell my hand-lettering designs. I sold cards and custom signs for weddings and events. With a big move across the country, I had to leave my 9-5 — I was unsure what I was going to do next. Mind you, this was January 2020, right before the COVID lockdown began. I knew I didn’t want to go back to doing the same work I was doing, so I hired a business coach and decided to become a Virtual Assistant. I did tasks anywhere from inbox management, creating graphics, social media support, customer service, you name it, I probably helped someone do it! While doing this work, I discovered my love for social media — and about after a couple of months decided to offer exclusively social media services. I approached 2022, overwhelmed, feeling like all of the entrepreneurial decisions I had made prior, were solely based on where the money was. Read more>>

Chad Walder

I have always enjoyed being on and around the water. I enjoyed boating, recreational diving, and fishing as my pastimes. I had also worked in construction from a young age. I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard and combined my passion for the sea with my profession. Always being near the Sea, in my off time I performed small underwater construction projects and marine maintenance. After being honorably discharged from United States Coast Guard, I started my current business. We construct and maintain all aspects of underwater mooring and anchoring systems for floating dock marinas and mooring fields. We specialize in low-impact, ecologically friendly systems to minimize damage to the seabed. I enjoy working with organizations involved in Coastal Cleanup work. Read more>>

Daniela Duncan

I’m a photographer living in beautiful Charleston, SC. I was born in Brazil and graduated in Mass Communication with a major in Journalism. Photography was a passion of mine since I was a teenager when my father gave me my first camera. Books with wildlife and historic pictures were my most treasured gifts. In college, photography classes were my favorite. For a while, photography was a hobby and not my main occupation. I first worked as a reporter and producer in Brazil, and then as an interpreter for an international law firm in the US for several years. While sharing my captures online, my pictures caught the eyes of a Getty Images editor and I was invited to submit my images for licensing. Now Getty Images represents most of my nature and travel images – and they’re often used in news articles, products, and ad campaigns. Read more>>

Tamara Ashworth

Tamara started her career in Finance before going on to complete her MBA at the University of Notre Dame, where she focused on Marketing. After spending a few years launching several global brands in the corporate world, Tamara set out to start Ashworth Strategy, a Multichannel Marketing Agency that helps small business owners successfully scale their online product businesses. Tamara’s background in both Finance and Marketing gives her a unique advantage, which has led to profitably scaling countless online stores to 7 and 8-figures. Read more>>

Marquin Campbell

Sometimes people ask me when I started creating, and I always respond that I’ve been doing it my entire life. When I was little, I enjoyed drawing, stringing beads, and coloring books. I remember spending hours immersed in my cross-stitch, latch hook rug kits, and looking at my mother’s coffee table art books. I am the Creative Director for Kentwood, a 176-year-old yarn company that has a namesake Sock Brand. For Kentwood, I develop their upcoming color palettes and help set the mood and direction for each season. I also create surface designs for Prodoh, a label that was created with the intention of getting children outside to play. And living in Spain has opened up interesting collaborations: I am currently developing artwork to be hand-painted on ballet flats for Souris, a wonderful artisan leather goods company. Read more>>

Jordi Tiffany

My 8th-grade history teacher told me I should have my own show so that I could talk there and less in his class.⁣ Fast forward to now— Mr. Jensen, I officially do! But getting to my podcast and realizing my purpose was a bumpy road.  At 15, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (a tick-borne illness that can be fatal). Fast forward to college, I was sexually assaulted at a fraternity and faced 7 months of public shaming, humiliation, and bullying from my sorority sisters. 6 years later, I was engaged, working for a Fortune 50 company, and building my dream life. That all came crashing down. In less than 6 months, my fiancé ended our engagement, gave me a week to move out of our home, lost my job due to global restructuring, had a cancer scare, and moved across the country from Wisconsin to Charleston, SC. Read more>>

Brianna Steele

Hi there! I’m Brianna from Charleston, South Carolina. I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart and a mom to 5-year-old boy/girl twins. I started blogging in college for fun while studying abroad. About 8 years ago my husband and I decided we were ready to have children but we ended up with the heartbreaking diagnosis of infertility. I felt like I needed extra support so I started an Instagram to connect with others going through the same thing. This account changed my life, not only did it offer me support going through 3 rounds of IVF but I met lifelong friends. During this process, my Instagram account and blog started to really take off. My hobby of sharing too many photos (Haha!) is now my part-time job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Read more>>

Xavier Wooding

I’m an amateur Hip Hop artist from Saint George Sc, with a passion for creating uplifting music. I’ve obtained my Bachelor’s in Arts Management through the College of Charleston where I started being vocal through music. Read more>>



It all started with an idea from two friends. Back in 2014, we were looking for something to express ourselves, and clothing resonated. Our motto is to be yourself and focus on that itself. We have a simplistic approach with a deep meaning. Our clothing reflects who we are as people. Through our continued support from the community, friends, and family we shall continue to push forward and develop our brand. Read more>>

Jeff Siewick

In 2017, I bought 20 chickens and moved them around every day in a chicken tractor that I built. I raised the chickens until they were big enough to harvest. When I gave some to friends and family, they all said it was the best chicken that they ever had. In addition to the great flavor and health of the birds, I loved the positive impact the birds made on our soil health, fertility, and organic content. This was a win, win, win scenario. I knew that farming is what I was destined to do. It just made so much sense to me. Not to mention, my full-time corporate job was killing me! Being on the receiving end of constantly changing corporate goalposts made me feel like I could never do a good enough job, and no matter how hard my peers and I worked, it was never good enough. Read more>>

Olivia Polczyk

I was sitting in a restaurant one day with a friend and we were wondering why there is not one page bringing all Happy Hours, deals, and events in Charleston onto one page. We started collecting all needed information and started Trending Charleston hoping it would help others to see what’s going on in the area without scrolling through multiple accounts. Read more>>

Tracy Daves

I’m a Puerto Rican wife, mom, homesteader, and designer. My whole life has come together in small steps of faith guiding me on my journey. It has all played out before my eyes from being a single gal traveling the country to being married to a country boy renovating our farmhouse on five acres adding chickens, bees, and a garden. We love a farm-to-table life. I’m a mom to our sweet children. I’m also a crazy chicken lady who has hens that give us rainbow eggs from pale blue to shades of green (olive to sage) to dark chocolate brown eggs. I’m extremely close with my family. It’s of the utmost importance to me. My mom is my best friend. All of these layers inspire many of my designs. Read more>>

Jennifer Galo

I was born in Honduras and I migrated to New York at 10. I always had a passion for arts and crafts as a little girl I would always tell my father I wanted to be an arts and crafts teacher; I’d always enjoyed art class. However, that seems more like a childhood dream too far to reach. My life yielded in another direction I got pregnant at 18 and at that point, I needed a career that could provide stability for my growing family so I graduated from nursing. I worked as a critical care nurse for many years and on weekends I’d help my mother, friends, and members of our church with their events. In 2018 we moved to Charlotte and I continued nursing, for my daughter’s birthday I posted some pictures on social media of her birthday and we started receiving messages asking for decoration services. I had no idea of price charges I just wanted to do it because I was passionate about it even if it meant no salary at all. Read more>>

Andi Droze

I always loved arts and crafts and taking pictures as a kid, but it wasn’t until I got my first DSLR camera in 8th grade that I really knew the art world was for me. In high school, I really started pouring most of my free time into photographing, drawing, and painting anything and everything I possibly could. I knew in my senior year of high school that I wanted to pursue art as an alternative career path. Originally, I was accepted to The College of Charleston as premed with a major in studio art, however, after the first year of school, I changed my mind. I fell in love with the studio art department and knew that was where my future was heading. I knew freelance photography was definitely something I wanted to do, but I also thought I might want to dabble in teaching art eventually. Read more>>

Shonda Norman

Many people that don’t know me, don’t know that I started my printing business in her kitchen in 2015. All self-taught, it wasn’t until 2020 during the height of COVID-19, that with the help of her husband, I decided to take a leap of faith, branching out to rent, not one but two suits as my business began to grow. The number one reason for starting my printing business, I wanted to offer a fast and convenient service to customers who didn’t necessarily need a large number of garments printed. The printing industry makes the bulk of its money by requiring minimum orders. I don’t require a minimum. When I discovered that I was able to offer a print-on-demand same-day service, I knew I had a leg up on most larger printing companies within my city. Read more>>

Carmen Santos

During covid, I decided to become a Real estate agent because it is a business that never ends. It was a long process and when life was back to normal, I worked in retail until I felt comfortable being a Real Estate Agent full time. Read more>>

Nakia White-Hazel

We are Montez Hazel and Nakia White-Hazel, husband-wife vending company owners from Charleston, South Carolina. One day during middle school I got in trouble and was sent to our assistant principal. Honestly, I can’t remember what I did to get into trouble. Instead of traditional discipline, he allowed me the opportunity to stock our school’s vending machines. with him. This one event nurtured my love of figuring out how things work. This went for computers, items around the house, and more. Nakia’s Response: I have always enjoyed learning, teaching, and being creative. As a veteran educator and Independent Scentsy Director, I know what it means to provide great customer service in various settings. When you combine both our passion and work ethic you get a stellar company, Life’s Sweet & Savory Vending. Read more>>

Katrina The Esty

Started as a lash extensions stylist in 2015, and later became a licensed esthetician. Move to Houston to expand my career but in 2019 moved back to Charleston, SC. Started providing spa services out of my home once in Charleston in 2019, and by October 2019 relocated my business Meek Beauty Spa outside my home to Goose Creek. 2022, Meek Beauty Spa is now expanding and bigger is on the way. Read more>>

Ronnie Walker

I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up always wanting to be on stage! Performing was what I loved to do. So, after graduating high school, I attended Columbus State University and graduated with a BFA in acting. After graduation, and after about a year of doing both stage and film work, I got to learn about Charleston through a good friend and classmate, Roberto Mendez, who is also an “Angel” in Kinky Boots! He referred me to Charleston Stage for the show and I drove down four hours from Atlanta to audition! That very same day, I received the call that I was offered the role of an “Angel” in Kinky Boots! Read more>>

CJ Mack

I’m originally from Johns Island but went to high school with most of my cohosts at James Island High. The entire podcast idea was thought of mine for several years that I sat on until about late 2019. From there on forward I have just been thinking of creative ways to put out content and keep the followers intrigued. Read more>>

Olivia Walthall

I have always loved and appreciated nature and the wide variety of flowers the world gives us. My grandmother had a large flower garden at her house and my mother took over the garden when my grandmother passed away. Both my grandmother and mother always had flowers at home when I was a child and I learned a lot about flower arranging from my mom. I started arranging flowers for small events for friends and decided to start a business! I took virtual courses from the Flower School of New York right at the beginning of the pandemic and started Light and Lily Floral after that. Read more>>

Aylin Rodriguez

Growing up attached to a mirror and playing with children’s makeup for hours, I gained an enormous connection to the beauty industry! As early as the age of 12 I began being gifted real makeup!! From the drugstore. But hey that was a big upgrade from my princess makeup kit. As the years passed by my love for everything beauty-related only grew more so after being gifted an iPad I began watching YouTube tutorials day and night! Watched a little bit of everything content creators came out with at that time from makeup product reviews, skincare routines, celebrity makeovers, and other beauty gurus’ channels. I learned so much from practicing on myself that by the age of 16 I began doing makeup for my friends and family for their special occasions. I was in high school so I even glammed more girls and gained lots of practice that I carried on my freelance passion throughout the years. Read more>>

Brett Culver

I started as an athlete who was always interested in the arts. I enjoyed the color and I was known for my colorful sock and shirt choices. I started the video by watching YouTube videos and really loved the “vlog life” wave that hit in 2016-17. I got my first camera for Christmas in 2018 I think and since then I’ve been creating content. I accidentally took some photos and realized that I was not too bad now after some hard work, 9 months of film school, and many hours of YouTube I’ve gained knowledge and found my true passion in photo and video. Read more>>

Sonya J. Grant

I guess I consider myself one of the few pandemic success stories. In the midst of deaths, a collapsing economy, and vast depression, I found a light crack in a dark cave that bloomed into my passion. I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 8 years old but, in an attempt, to remain traditional and play it “safe” I went on to graduate from Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga with a degree in theater. I got hired as a flight attendant just days before graduation and dedicated my life to the sky for 8 years. When the pandemic hit, I was working for Lancome cosmetics in a department store. After being laid off and growing restless during quarantine, I decided to go back to my first love, design. I printed Gullah phrases on shirts for me and my friends and later purchased my LLC to start Gullah T’s N’ Tings. Gullah T’s N’ Tings is where fashion and culture collide. A sleek, fresh way to represent Gullah culture with pride. Read more>>

Joshua Gaffney

I started my business back in 2019. My wife and I wanted to start a business and after brainstorming and prayer we came up with photography. I then was able to research and look more into photography by utilizing Google, YouTube, and the local library. Rented many books in order to learn all there is to know about photography. I bought my very first camera (Nikon D3200) from a pawn shop in Inman. It was a great first camera and I was able to practice and really hone my craft as a photographer with this entry-level camera. I currently shoot with the Nikon D810 and have my own studio space that I moved into back in December of 2021. Looking back, I never could have imagined being where I am today but I truly thank God and my wife for helping and supporting me on this journey. Read more>>

Sarah Baus

I grew up in STEM, and since the beginning of high school had my sights set on working in medicine. I knew I would go to college for science and I even completed a four-year medical program while in high school. While I was in college for Chemistry, however, I discovered my love of business and creativity. Worried to change course, I added on a communications minor and finished my degree. During my senior year, I started applying to many, many marketing jobs but had no luck. I decided to apply for a chemistry job, thinking maybe I would love the path I had originally chosen. I started working as a Research and Development chemist at a pharmaceutical company after graduation and quickly became a shell of myself. Read more>>

Morgan Hitt

I was a competitive gymnast growing up, moving around for the best gyms while my parents ran health clubs and powerlifting gyms in GA and AL. Living on massive farms with cattle, going to a 1A school. By 16, there were some issues at home so I wanted to get away from the toxicity as quickly as I could. That resulted in eventually having 6 different jobs. I was in online schooling so I could manage this. I had to make some tough decisions like buying a car to get to these jobs or having an apartment, so at first, I hiked out in my Jetta, showering before my earliest shift at a gym. By 18 I now secured a job selling cars. I got a place & created a vision board. I repeated affirmations ritually and moved closer to the beach. When I moved here, I jumped straight into business selling real estate and landed in the top 1%. I finally landed back in the car industry as the internet sales director for Hudson Nissan of Charleston, this gave me the pleasure of teaching and training others, essentially evolving them into higher, more aware, beings. Read more>>

Tonya Nicole

My journey to becoming the artist I am today is pretty long but I’ll do my best to keep it brief. I grew up in a super small town, Holly Hill, SC. 1 of 4 girls, no boys. My parents were big on religion; I’m a PK (preacher’s kid). We were very religious; could only listen to certain music, pretty much only gospel, but some jazz and Motown type artists. As a small child, I grew up singing in my father’s church, in choirs, and with my sisters. My sisters and I even had our very own little gospel group for many years until it slowly dismantled after we all went to college and went our separate ways finding our own paths. I’ve always loved music but ended up falling in love with Theatre as well in the 6th grade after attending a summer program at SC State University. It was called The Consortium of Fine Arts. Read more>>

Uzuri Umoja Boatwright

I’ve always been a healer since I can recall. From helping my Grumma (maternal grandmother) with my aunt who had Alzheimer’s disease to lending a hand in her garden. There was always something in me interested in helping family members with babies and babysitting younger cousins. It wasn’t until graduating from USC Columbia in 2017 with my degree in Chemistry and then working for the Criminal Justice system, that I was able to articulate how I wanted to aid my communities in healing. My own personal experiences with the healthcare system and institutionalized racism turned my pain into passion. It’s not easy being a multifaceted womb man in a world where my heritage and line of work are often misunderstood. I chose a path that challenges societal norms and it’s making an impact. Read more>>

Quintero Felder

Well, I got into photography in 2015. At that time, I was just using my camera on my phone. Every time I had a chance to go to a car show or event I would always take pictures. People would tell me that my pictures were good. At that time my brother Kendrick Felder had a Canon T5 camera that was not used at all. He gave me a Canon T5 camera to use to take pictures. At first, I didn’t know how to use a camera at all and not to mention how to use a setting. So, I was just pointing and shooting all of my pictures. My pictures look good but there wasn’t amazing pictures. At this point I know I was doing something wrong and I need to get better. So, I join a few photography groups on Facebook and I buy 2 books on photography too. The books help me out and so did the Facebook group. My pictures started to look better and better but I know my photos can get better. So, I decided to reach out to some professional photographers to see if they can help and mentor me. A lot of the said no and blow me off but not 3 photographers. Read more>>

LaSeaun Crawford

LaSeaun K. Crawford first fell in love with hair almost 24 years ago. At the age of 8 years old, LaSeaun picked up a comb and began to braid the hair of a barbie doll while attending a sleepover for one of her mother’s coworkers. At first, the other girls did not want to play with LaSeaun, as she was a quiet child. However, once they saw what she had been doing many of them asked her to braid their hair. It’s safe to say she made a few friends that night. Once she returned home, LaSeaun started braiding her own hair. One morning before heading to school, her mother noticed that her hair had already been done, including the matching hairbows & barrettes. Upon learning of her daughter’s new interest, LaSeaun’s mother began to cultivate her skills by taking her to various local braid shops and hair salons. Read more>>

Elijah Christian

Music has always been a part of my life, and something I definitely have a passion for. Before even getting to vinyl, I was always the guy amongst my friends with the newest music. I even did a short stint in college as a house party DJ using my laptop, a free DJ software, and a pair of big Pioneer box speakers I got from my Dad (that I still have and use to this day) to curate the soundtrack to several late nights back in my undergrad days. That short time as a DJ also kickstarted my relationship with my now wife, who took me to my first concert and bought me, my first record player. She bought it for me as a gift when I graduated from The University of South Carolina in 2016. Read more>>

Jodi Lee

I have always enjoyed having a camera in my hand since I was young. I went to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC for college and took some video courses there. At the time, one of my friends was getting married and asked if I would film their wedding. Ever since that day, I was hooked! I fell in love with the storytelling aspect of filmmaking, capturing what was in front of me and then using the couple’s and their loved ones’ words to tell their story. After I graduated, I moved back to Charleston and took a job as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. For a few years, I had two full-time jobs. In October of 2021, I decided to take a leap of faith and go full-time with my filmmaking business, and it was the best decision that I have ever made! Read more>>

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